Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hey folks! We began this project by pen and inking 40 immediately recognizable silhouettes. After choosing 15 favorites, we took those, traced them in pencil and re-drew different objects over them conforming to the original shapes. These were the original 40 silhouettes.

Here's a composite of all 40 silhouettes

added a background to the werewolf silhouette. awwwwoooo!

Later we selected three silhouette images to draw interior objects inside of them to add some sort of commentary (example: a frog inside of a fly shape). These are the three finished pencil sketches followed by the pen and inked versions.

nun gun (now we're all screwed)

only you can prevent forest fires

here's the finished illustrations

I got pretty good grades for the assignment but was given the opportunity to rework the scubadude and nungun trying to push the texture a little more and also using colors other than black and white for shadows and highlights. Here's the two reworks.


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