Friday, November 12, 2010

Article metaphor illustrations

Hey folks!!! ...... okay. hi shane.

For those of you not familiar with the assignment, we were to take three articles from a website and create thumbnail sketches from those articles using metaphors to describe the stories. The first illustration was on how they are planning on sending robots to the moon because it would be much cheaper and safer to do so. The second illustration was on a story about young college voters feeling that Obama has abandoned them after he has been elected president. The third article metaphor illustration deals with the issue of puppy mills and whether they are humane or not. Please fire any with your great insights and comments!!

moon robot

the obama tree

puppy farm

After the class critique there were a couple of elements that could have improved them a little bit. Adding the arm and other foot to the moon robot and having the puppies interact with the farm land in the other. Here's the reworks.

though the changes aren't major, they do correct minor visual distractions.


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